Care For Churches, Pastors, & Leaders

Helping churches, pastors, and leaders grow in grace

Care for Pastors

The expectations of pastoral ministry are high, and rightly so. However, there is often too little tolerance for anything less than perfection.

Care for Churches

ChurchCare aims to connect with individual churches in order to help them address specific spiritual needs and grow in grace.

Care for People

“…let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works.” ChurchCare exists to care for people—helping people, help people.

Hello! I’m Marty

Dr. Marty Von has spent over 35 years counseling and discipling others. From a youth ministry of doing baseball pitching exhibitions to evangelism on college campuses and, to open-air street ministry and child evangelism, Dr. Von has enjoyed engaged in different ministry venues. He traveled with Life Action Ministries as a Family Seminar Director and ministry counselor, ministering in churches, and counseling church leaders and families. He then became the administrative coordinator and Director of Family Counseling for FaithWay Ministries including FaithWay Baptist College where he was a professor of Bible and counseling.

"During the pandemic our church really appreciated the video series we completed on Worry. The messages were very timely given the fear and isolation many of our members were experiencing. There's nothing like simple bible teaching to encourage your soul. As a pastor I especially appreciated the way ChurchCare and Dr. Von ministered to our congregation with a servant's heart during this time."

Pastor from Pennsylvania

"Sometimes as a pastor I just need someone to talk to, to ask about a challenging situation I'm facing in my church, someone who I can pray with about important decisions."

Pastor from Colorado

"My wife and I were so discouraged about the problems we were having with our son. It was difficult not to overreact, because after all I'm a deacon and leader in our church. Spending time with Dr. Von helped us see how God was using this situation to change our own hearts and helped us care for our son in a way that didn't do more damage to our relationship with him."

Parents from Wisconsin

"We were listening to Moments of Hope podcast one morning at our house on the patio and didn't realize that our next door neighbor was also outside and able to hear the recording, until they spoke up and said, "What are you listening to, I'd like to hear it as well?" We were glad to share these regular and encouraging messages from ChurchCare with our friends, and look forward to new conversations about God's goodness with our neighbors."

Friends from Michigan