About ChurchCare

A ministry dedicated to caring for the local church.

Simply stated, ChurchCare exists to serve local churches. Traditionally, when people think of a ministry serving the local church special speakers, preaching events, seminars, and programs come to mind. While these may be a part of the ministry of ChurchCare, the emphasis of ChurchCare is uniquely relational. ChurchCare seeks to enable people to minister rather than providing them with an event to attend or a program to launch. ChurchCare is focused on relationships; to care for people in the church, and disciple them to care for others. ChurchCare envisions an ongoing relationship with the church, the Pastor and his staff over an extended period of time.

Care for Churches…

Every church has its own story shaped by its history, its leaders, its community, and most importantly by its belief in Scripture. ChurchCare aims to connect with individual churches in order to help them address specific spiritual needs and help them grow in grace. With an emphasis on long-term relationship we seek to minister in and to the context of your church’s story, where you are today and where you’d like to go. ChurchCare aims to help people grow in the local church in the following ways.

By teaching Bible truths specific to the needs of an individual church enabling them to live out the gospel in the everyday circumstances of life.

By training, to develop skilled disciples prepared and equipped to disciple and counsel others.

By encouraging personal growth in people’s individual spiritual lives that results in stronger relationships with God and others.

Care for Pastors…

ChurchCare understands that Pastors need care as well. The expectations of pastoral ministry are high, and rightly so. However, there is often too little tolerance for anything less than perfection. Sadly, this applies to all areas of leadership, shepherding, and spiritual life even reaching into the affairs of his home. Being a Pastor or other spiritual leader is truly a unique and dangerous calling. ChurchCare recognizes the tremendous weight and responsibility that Pastors carry and realizes that many Pastors have limited options to turn to for help. ChurchCare is concerned and committed to minister to Pastors and church leaders in the following ways.

By providing confidential counseling to Pastors in areas of their own personal life and ministry.

By acting as a counseling resource to Pastors who are dealing with challenging circumstances in their church.

By offering Pastoral staff and church leadership teams spiritual assessment through difficult times of inter-personal relationship and other ministry changes and transitions.

Dedicated to helping people help people, ChurchCare Ministries exists to serve pastors and local churches.

    • By caring for those in life’s moments of crisis through Biblical Counseling.
    • By caring for those longing to help others through teaching Bible truths for personal relational ministry.
    • By caring for those in ministry, coaching and counseling to encourage and strengthen church leadership.

ChurchCare Ministries desires a renewal of church communities where leaders and members are equipped and impassioned to worship and serve in everyday life.