Marty Von

Dr. Marty Von has spent 35 years counseling and discipling others.  From a youth ministry of doing baseball pitching exhibitions, to evangelism on college campuses and in, to open air street ministry and child evangelism, Dr. Von has enjoyed engaged in different ministry venues. He traveled with Life Action Ministries as a Family Seminar Director and ministry counselor, ministering in churches, and counseling church leaders and families.  He then became the administrative coordinator and Director of Family Counseling for FaithWay Ministries including FaithWay Baptist College where he was a professor of Bible and counseling.

In 1984, Dr. Von joined the administrative team at Northland International University where he served for 29 years in different ministry positions including Vice President, Director of the Department of Counseling, professor, as well as the campus counseling pastor for faculty, staff and students.

Since leaving Northland, he has launched ChurchCare Ministries, taking his passion for teaching, discipling and counseling to local churches.  Dr. Von is passionate about the local church and desires to equip the body to help people help people through couples and parenting conferences, counseling, discipleship, and prayer seminars in local churches around the country.

Marty and Susan Von have been married for over 50 years and delight in spending time with their four married children and ten grandchildren. Dr. and Mrs. Von currently reside in Atlanta, GA.