Christian Living Seminars

God reminds us that His Word is profitable. It is profitable for doctrine (what we should know), for reproving (what we should stop), for correction (how we should change), and for instruction in righteousness (how we should live). God’s Word offers relevant instruction for everyday living. A brief look at the narratives of the Bible will reveal that worship happens in the mundane moments of life. Worship isn’t something we only do on Sundays or at our daily personal time with God; worship is demonstrated by a pattern of life and values and is often revealed through relationships and life struggles.

ChurchCare’s Christian Living workshops can be custom-tailored to the needs of the individual church.

ChurchCare believes that pastors, the ones doing the daily work of shepherding their church know best the needs of their people, and that’s why we listen to pastors and work to prepare a combination of Bible-centered preaching, teaching, and counseling that is targeted at addressing the specific needs as requested by the pastor and his staff.

Although each ministry opportunity is different some of our Workshop Topics include:

    • Marriage & Family : Renew, Refresh
    • Parenting
    • Teen Trouble
    • Passing on your Faith to your Kids
    • Grand Parenting
    • Prayer Life