Counseling for Pastors & Ministry Leaders

Broken lives, broken marriages, broken homes, and broken ministries are all the consequences of sin’s destructive force. Entrapment by evil desires and a stubborn self-absorbed life ruins relationships. Coming back from a sinful fall is a traumatic reversal. Shame doesn’t free its victims and often the Christian circle doesn’t grant forgiveness quickly. In-depth Biblical counseling is needed in the context of a help and care experience for those wounded in the battle and deeply hurt by the unexpected shattering of relationships.

In its Critical Care approach, a ChurchCare pastoral counselor provides consecutive days of Biblical counseling, typically in an out-of-town setting, for those in need. Whether pastors and wives facing particular difficulties in their personal life, family, marriage, or church ministry ChurchCare is there to counsel, consult, and comfort. This service extends to all church staff as well as church leaders who are in such need.

God’s grace showers truth, light, and hope in the darkest valleys of life. ChurchCare’s Critical Care specializes in helping the broken and hurting.

If you are a pastor in need of help, or a church leader looking for help for yourself or your pastor, please contact us, in confidence, to discuss the opportunity for a Critical Care time of counseling and help. We are currently offering Critical Care services in several locations across the country and thanks to the generosity of supporting partners are able to provide this level of care at an affordable rate.

Please use the contact us section of our website to learn more about this important part of our ministry services.