Caring for Pastors

ChurchCare understands that Pastors need care as well. The expectations of pastoral ministry are high, and rightly so, but here is little tolerance for anything less than perfection. Sadly, this applies to all areas of leadership, shepherding, and spiritual life – even reaching into the affairs of the pastor’s home. Being a Pastor or church leader is truly a unique and perilous calling. ChurchCare recognizes the tremendous weight and responsibility that Pastor’s carry and realizes that Pastors may have limited options to turn to for help. ChurchCare ministries is concerned and committed to minister to Pastors and church leaders in the following ways.

    • By providing confidential counseling to Pastors in personal areas of their own ministry, life, and family.
    • By acting as a counseling resource to Pastors who are dealing with challenging circumstances in their church.
    • By offering Pastoral staff and church leadership teams spiritual assessment through difficult times of inter-personal relationship and other ministry changes and transitions.